Trim Healthy Mama (THM) Recipe Highlight: Fat Stripping Frappa!

My goodness, goodness, yumm.  This is one of the yummiest Fuel Pull delights in the book, in my humble opinion.  The Fat Stripping Frappa!  Such a simple and yet delightful medley of flavors to delight the senses and bless us readers with a smooth and tasty addition to our healthy concoction arsenal.  This recipe comes from the book, found in Chapter 18 (Morning Meals, p 240, thanks Jennifer!) in the Smoothies section.

Pouring the Fat Stripping Frappa!

Oh, the frothiness!

Recipe Highlight: Fat Stripping Frappa

If you have not yet decided to “splurge” and purchase the ginormous, and totally info-filled book, Trim Healthy Mama, this recipe alone ought to make you want to do so.  I can’t share the recipe (trade secret…sorry), but I am going to tell you my personally discovered tips for making it amazing!

Making the Fat Stripping Frappa AMAZING!

Tip 1:  Use an appropriate ice to liquid ratio!  When I put too much ice into the blender and have not used the right amount of liquid, I basically get a super ice-chunk liquid slushie that does not even slightly resemble the Frappe I desire.  Consensus agrees; use about 1/2-3/4 ice to liquid ratio.

Tip 2:  Use plenty of sweetener of choice.  Some use Truvia, we use NuNaturals, but using enough is key!  Without enough sweetener to cut the bitterness of the chocolate, you will not really have the sweet frothy deliciousness your tongue craves.  I am typically happy with about 1/2 tsp Stevia.

Tip 3:  Blend ice thoroughly before adding the magic final ingredient (I can’t tell you, but believe me it’s the KEY ingredient provided in the book!)  If you don’t blend up the ice thoroughly before adding the final touch, you won’t achieve the best froth.  Blend for a few minutes and then finish.  YUM!

Tip 4:  Use Defatted Peanut Flour as a flavor addition without all the calories!  To keep this delicious drink FP, peanut flour is the exactly right addition to bring it all together.  It’s my personal favorite addition.

Drinking delicious Frappa!


***UPDATE*** After continuing to enjoy my yummy FSF, I have to say that another trick is to thoroughly blend the Glucomannan before adding all the final ingredients.  Mixing up the gluccie enough is important to help with the frothing action, too, since it is a thickener.  I hope that helps too!


What is your favorite smoothie or drink to make with your blender?

  • Jessica

    Hello! Thank you for sharing!…looks yummy! Are you concerned at all…eating the THM way, all of the artificial sweeteners that are used when there is really little research about them and what they could potentially do to our health? Thanks!

    • JulieFilter

      Hey Jessica. Thanks for asking. For me, no, I am not concerned, and the reason is really that I do not use them often enough to make it a concern. Using a sprinkle of stevia (a well-known and well-used herb) as a sweetener in my coffee does not nearly concern me in comparison to things like corn syrup (or worse) that drastically spike blood sugars, thereby creating a likely health issue(s). I personally have chosen very specifically the sweeteners with which I am comfortable, but I do it with consideration of all aspects, including whether or not a particular sweetener will affect my blood sugar levels and potentially a diabetes situation in my life. I definitely encourage each of us to do our own research and do what we believe to be best. =0) I know plenty of people who choose not to use the sugar alcohols because they are not comfortable with them. Others stay away from the processed stevia products. Every person needs to make that decision for themselves, but for me personally, I lived for a long time in a fear-based mode that restricted me in bondage and this is one aspect of that which I have had to turn away from. If we learn at some point that these things are dangerous, then of course changes will be made, but right now, as in all things, I make my decision based on the best information I have available and not speculation. Great question! Again, thanks for asking =0)

      • Michelle

        Awesome, gracious answer, and that is exactly where I have found myself. Fear from what is ‘bad’ for me kept me in so much bondage. My thoughts, if I were completely and utterly willing to give up all and anything sweet forever, this might be the best. But let’s face it, probably ain’t going to happen. Not in this culture, in this large family, etc. So, I make the best choice I can. While I cannot say with 100% assurance that stevia and sugar alcohols are as safe as not having them ever, they are, by far, (in my opinion) safer than the alternative. I do believe, like you said, we all need to end up where we each feel best for our bodies and our families. The Lord is gracious to lead and will NEVER get ‘it’ right in every area anyway, just doing the best I can. Blessings to you!!

    • Kelli

      Perhaps you should look at the research here.

  • Rebekah

    I made it once and it was foam through and through. It was very difficult to “drink” that way. Mine was probably not sweet enough as I tried the coffee version. What is froth vs. foam? Thanks!

    • JulieFilter

      That is a good question. I would say that foam tends to be a liquidy mass of bubbles, which froth is a more creamy mass that contains teeny tiny bubbles, but tends to hold more volume with the mixture. I LOVE the frothy finished product when I get it just right, and it definitely satiates. I tend to get a more milky, liquidy, foamy mess when I miss an ingredient or get proportions wrong. I definitely recommend giving it another shot if you really want to get it right, but if it’s not super important, skip it. I’m sure there are some people who just aren’t froth fans =0)

  • Heather

    Thanks for the tips! How much of the PB powder do you use?

    • JulieFilter

      I like to use between 1-2 tbsp. I LOVE me some pb. If I make it S, I just regular PB =0)

  • Anna

    Def gonna retry !!! Have not been fond of the FSF!! Thanks !

  • Jennifer

    Great tips! Can’t wait to try them because I like the taste, but the consistency is just not right. But I have to wait until I get a new blender … the Big Boy Smoothie burned up my old one LOL! Btw, the Fat Strippin’ Frappe is on page 240.

    • JulieFilter

      Thank you!!! I was hoping someone with the hardcopy would come to my rescue =0). Hope the tips help. God bless!

  • Rachel Hall

    Can I change this from FP to S by adding actual PB? Thanks for the tips!! I still haven’t gotten it the way I like it just yet. My drink of choice in the meantime is The Shrinker.

    • JulieFilter

      Yep, absolutely…and PB rocks!!!

  • Laura Lane

    Thanks for sharing this. I’ve tried this, but I think I have my ratios wrong on the ice. Mine’s really thick and not at all drinkable. I have to wait for it to melt or use a spoon. That’s not my idea of delicious.

    I didn’t quite understand what you meant by your ratios. Did you mean one part ice to two parts mix? Or half ice?
    Could you help me? The consistency in your picture looks like what I’d like to drink.

    Thanks so much,
    Another Trim Healthy Mama (Speaking by faith in Jesus’ Name!),
    Laura Lane
    Carthage, Missouri

    • JulieFilter

      Typically it’s about one part ice to two parts liquid, so for one cup liquid, 1/2 cup ice. Another great way I enjoy making it is making sure to add the gluccie first to the mixer and then mixing it on low while I add all the other dry ingredients. I then add my ice (which I can add using a slightly larger amount this way, to make it more frosty-like) and make sure to thoroughly blend everything on high to get the ice nice and broken down…the mixture will be thick because the gluccie will be well activated by that point. The final touch ingredient brings in the final froth. Yummy!!! I hope that helps!

  • Laura Lane

    Just found the post again…
    I’m doing better. I didn’t like the cardboard taste. I’ve found that adding extra sweetener cuts that taste for me.

  • DaNay

    I just had my first good FSF and oh my stars.. it will not be my last, maybe even for the day lol!! I tried to make it before I had the whey protein and it was just an icy mess.. I mean I drank/ate it but is wasnt what everyone was raving about! The glucomannan and the whey do something awesome and I cant wait to start playing around with the flavor/combos to make it work even better for me (I’m breastfeedin a 5 week old and dont want my supply to drop with too many FP’s of these!!) Thanks again for your tips :)

    • JulieFilter

      Awesome DaNay! They sure are delicious! I have a nursing 7 week old, so I totally know what you mean =0)

  • Katie

    Greetings from WM! I am so pumped to have found this site! As a Beachbody coach, I’ve been searching for a doable “eat clean” to promote to my customers, and this definitely is it. :) THM would be a fantastic complement to Shakeology, and the recipes are just..perfect. Thank you so much for your time and energy that you put into this site. Makes me even more jazzed about what I d

    • JulieFilter

      Fantastic Katie! I was actually a BB Coach for several years, and my husband still is, though we have been in a state of “pause” while we navigate what we feel The Lord is leasing us to do with it. I actually am planning to do a post on Shakeology at some point, but I am still gathering my data on it =0). Thanks for commenting!

      • Heather

        Have you done any further research yet on how Shakeology fits in? I am just trying to figure out if it really is on plan or not. I am definitely going to use up what I have, but trying to make a decision if I continue with their montly shipments or not… Thanks for any input!

        • JulieFilter

          I am still trying to figure out my thoughts on Shakeology. I think the basis of it is really in the E arena, so adding the peanut butter and such makes it a crossover. I do think there is a lot of potential value in it, but I have not yet done the final numbers to assess my conclusion. Stay tuned…I am planning on a post on it eventually, lol. =0) Thanks for the reminder!

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