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If you have not caught on to the latest nutrition book to hit the shelves, you are definitely missing out!  Welcome to Trim Healthy Mama (here on out known as THM), a book written by two moms with a personal addiction to scavenging through all the food fad rhetoric to get to the health “meat and potatoes”.  After 6 years of work, these two sisters have turned out a monster of a book (over 600 pages!) to provide you and me with the most conclusive and easily understandable nutrition book I have ever read.  This is saying a lot since I have been studying nutrition for over 7 years!  I have never before read such concise and basic explanations of what is going on in our bodies.

My Personal Experience with THM

Although I have been interested in nutrition for over 7 years now, I have still bounced around with my weight throughout that time.  Even when I lived as a vegan for over 2 years I never saw enormous blessings in the scale department.  I felt fine, but my weight remained my enemy.  I have been pregnant and/or nursing for the last 8+ years, and every single time of pregnancy, no matter what I ate or what I weighed before beginning, I would gain around 40 pounds.  I am currently pregnant with baby #6 and have been applying THM principles (for the most part) to my eating regime, and my weight gain has never been lower or slower.  I definitely attribute that to THM.

*** Since I am pregnant and not yet looking to lose weight, I cannot give a personal experience with weight loss.  BUT, to those who are looking to lose a few pounds or a lot, there is testimony after testimony of significant weight loss experienced by THM-ers (yes, that’s our new official term) over on the THM Facebook Group.  I have seen people lose well over 50 pounds in a few months time, and usually this is through nutrition alone with limited or moderate exercise.  Everyone’s experience is personal and unique, but the entire methodology of the book is to put your body into fat burning mode so that it can easily process through the foods you eat. ***

A Little About the Authors

Pearl and Serene, authors of Trim Healthy Mama

Pearl Barrett and Serene Allison, daughters of Above Rubies founder, Nancy Campbell, have experienced their own tales of nutritional education.  Serene spent several years as a raw foodist, even putting together a “cook”book on the topic, which still graces my shelves!  Pearl also dabbled in the vegan/vegetarian/raw food world for a few years, but not as strictly as Serene (herein lies the beautiful balance seen throughout the book between these two sisters).  After Serene noticed that both her and a few of her children’s health were not quite as good as she expected when living and eating the way they did (her children which were nourished primarily from raw foods in utero and young child years were developing dental caries), she and her sister decided to jump in and do even more research to determine the cause of their health issues.  They studied Paleo, Veganism, Nourishing Traditions and the Weston A. Price food philosophy, and ultimately concluded with the most concise collection of truths found in each one.  Trim Healthy Mama marries the best of these food ideologies, while centering the entire thing on Biblical wisdom and guidance.

Though writing and therefore spending LOTS of time together during the course of their 6 year endeavor to complete the book, the individual personalities and perspectives of each sister is not lost on the reader.  We can easily find balance and a connection between ourselves and one of the sisters, depending on each of our unique personalities and preferences.  Pearl’s easy-going, calm, and live-life mentality serves as a soothing and anxiety-ridding side of the book, while Serene’s energetic, focused, no-quit, no excuses side serves well to push you to the next level of yourself.  The balance is fantastic, and much appreciated.

As a reader, especially of things that promote a nutritional focus or healthy living guidelines, it is important to me that I believe I can truly implement the suggestions of the book in my REAL life, not just in my ideal life.  Knowing that Serene and Pearl, with 11 and 5 children respectively, are able to accommodate a THM lifestyle both practically and financially is enough evidence for me to give it a shot, and I am so thankful that I did!

Purchase the Book and Get Your Health Started!

The book is available through multiple venues.  I have mine on my Kindle app, because I tend to use my ipad for all my kitchen recipes (I have an addiction to recipes…), and I saved a few dollars by buying the e-book.  But, I do still have my days when I think the hardcopy would be so nice for the ease of highlighting and page tabbing all the fantastic ideas, notes, and RECIPES contained in the book.  I will likely end up purchasing the hardcopy, too, soon enough!

If you are interested in purchasing the book, check it out on Amazon.  The book is an absolute hit, so there is a longer than usual wait time for delivery (even Prime shows it as 1-3 weeks).  To purchase an e-book version, check out the official Trim Healthy Mama website for the version you need.

If you are on Facebook, definitely connect with and check out the lively Trim Healthy Mama group.  In just a few weeks the numbers have climbed to over 10,000 members!  The community is wonderful there, and the moderators are doing an amazing job keeping things smooth.  If you are short on recipe or meal ideas, that is the group to Like!

Have you tried Trim Healthy Mama yet?  What have been your experiences with it so far?  Be sure to share below in the comments section!  I’d love to hear your thoughts.


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