The Home: A Place for God’s Refinement

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 The Home: A Place for God’s Refinement

You know, I really do think that God often commands us to “love one another” because it is so very easy for us in our flesh to do the exact opposite.  I know this is an abrupt start to a post, but, really, there is just no other way to say it.  Right now I have a little beautiful three year old boy, who I care for very deeply, apparently having the hardest time with the idea of simply laying down and taking a nap.  I mean, how hard is it?  But, here I am, listening to him bang on the ground or hit the wall; not necessarily in defiance, but simply because he is a child and still walks in childishness.

But, I do not naturally want to show him love in the actions of patience or gentleness.  In my flesh, I just want him to lay down because I am tired and want a break in the day with a little quiet and peace.  And, in my flesh, I am ready to attempt to force my will upon his by way of yelling or getting angry, etc.  Of course, this usually does not end well, so I do not recommend it.

Children can definitely be trying at times, and each new addition brings out my flesh even more, exposing me to my natural condition and just how desperately I am in need of a Savior.  And the Lord knows this, since He made me.  He knows that He made me in a way that I have to be really, really pressed on every side before my independence breaks and I look to Him for strength and guidance.  He knows that I am arrogant in thinking that I can figure out the solutions to the problems that may potentially come down the road ten years from now since I am apparently all-knowing about future events ::wink, wink::  He knows that I am merely a little speck human in the vast expanse of the universe trying to make the most of my days here on earth that are like the wind.

Marriage can also be trying.  It is not easy to serve and act in love when my husband is having an off day, or wakes up tired and grumpy.  My flesh wants to pull him out of his funk because I need his help.  Or, maybe I am the one in the funk for the day, and my husband is struggling with offering me grace and patience.  I want to cry out in pain for his lack of love, or yell at him rudely for his own fleshly struggle.  Oh, yes, hypocrisy can really flow within these four walls.

And yet He sees fit to continue to grow me in these areas.  He sees fit to use my daily struggles to pull me to His open arms and to His eternal wisdom.  He sees fit to love me in my weaknesses and to forgive me time and time again.  The Lord shows me His patience day after day, even though I am just as sinful and easily distracted like my little three year old son.  My home is God’s number one place to teach me all about Himself and help me to learn even more about who I am without Him and who I am in Him.  

It is easy to overlook the significance of the home.  It is easy to forget that there is great purpose in being home and in the beautiful blessing of children.  But, if there is one thing I have learned (and really, this is laughable because I learn something and grow in some way every single day because of the Lord’s continued grace upon my life through the struggles He allows me to experience), it is that my home truly brings me to the place of Godly growing.  It is here that everyone around me knows my greatest struggles.  It is in the home that there can be no facade or show of greatness, because hypocrisy is clearly observed and experienced if portrayed.  It is in the home that I must learn to really put to practice all that I learn through my walk with the Lord, and dive even more deeply into the depth of sin within my soul.  The people who matter most in my life, those who will carry with them forever the greatest effect of my existence, are all contained within these four walls.  If I overlook the significance of this time, I do both them and myself a disservice, and I fail to “live a life worth of the calling I have received.”

Honestly, in comparison, it is easy to keep my head when I am outside of this house.  So the cashier at the register was rude?  Big deal.  I can walk in my sense of humility and “forgive.”  So the slow driver in front of my also cut me off at the turn?  No worries.  I will offer grace in my pride and let them go ahead of me.  But, in the home, there is no hiding what is inside.  There is no hiding the pressures of the days.  You are either cleansed in the area of struggle, or you are walking in it regularly.  And this is why God uses the home to really refine us.  It is at home where our true selves are revealed.  Praise the Lord that He loves us enough to bring what is hidden in the darkness into the light.

What About You?

Do you find that your home is a great place for a meeting with the Lord?  What is one lesson that you have learned about yourself and your walk with Him from your work in the home?

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Wife, Mother, and Daughter of the King of Kings, my life is full of the blessings that come with a busy and active home life, complete with homeschooling, cooking, cleaning, training, disciplining, discipling, laughing, playing, learning, growing, and everything in between.

2 thoughts on “The Home: A Place for God’s Refinement

  1. Mrs. Laura Lane

    Thank you for such an honest revealing post. There are so many ways that we, as Christian women, are supposed to act. But, we don’t always do it at home. It is indeed the trying ground.
    Sometimes it helps to know that others are being changed to be more like Christ through our circumstances as well.


    1. JulieFilter Post author

      If there is one thing I have learned it is that pretending that we are more than we are is really just a road to disaster. I have learned far more through my failures than I ever have through my victories, especially in regard to remaining humble before the Lord. Getting puffed up is easy for many of us, and the Lord knows just what thorns to keep in our sides that we may know that we are in desperate need of Him. My children are my beautiful roses, full of thorns and all. They are absolutely my smelting ground for sanctification and I am better for it =0)

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